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Teleommunications is one of the most important parts of any business operation, which makes choosing the right business phone system provider all the more important. If you are a business in Detroit, or surrounding areas whom is looking to stay on the cutting edge of communication technology, we can help! As one of the preemptive business phone system providers in the great Detroit area, we take pride in our ability to help local businesses more easily communicate with both their employees and their clients. With our expertise and infrastructure, we can help take your business to the top, with a business phone system designed specifically for your needs

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Our passion for telecommunications, and that is what has led us to become one of the best one-stop shops for business phone systems in Detroit and surrounding areas. The importance of a well-integrated business phone system has never been greater than it is today. If your business is trying to keep up with clients using out-dated technology, you are fighting an uphill battle, and that struggle is only going to worsen as time goes on. If your business is ready to take the leap into the future, we can help make the journey easy! Our innovative business phone systems make communication simple and easy, the way it should be! We utilize cutting-edge cloud technology, and onsite IP PBS,  digital, and analog PBX’s to create a totally synchronized network for your business, meaning effortless communication with clients and co-workers alike!

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Our technicians are always continuing their certification courses on the newer Voice Over IP (VOIP) Business Phone systems and technologies that are exploding onto the market place today. In our cabling/wiring division, our installers are BICSI certified, which BICSI is the premier certification school for the information transport systems (ITS) industry.

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Business phone systems are no longer about simply plugging your phones into the wall and making sure everybody is on the right line. In today’s world, communication means a lot more than it ever has, and there are many different methods of communication that a business can make use of. With fully-integrated cloud networking, you can keep your employees and clients on the same page, allowing effortless communication that will bolster confidence in your operation.

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Our solutions have many added advantages including call cetner features, find me follow up, remote worker applicaitons, additional secuity of your voice and data network. When you work with us, it’s not a one-and-done deal. We’ll work with you every step of the way, providing a constant network of support so your brand new business phone system stays working the way your business needs it to.

Today’s business phone systems are created to improve communication, significantly reduce your communication cost, and increase productivity.


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The way we see it, your clients are our clients, too. When we create a business phone system optimized for your needs, we do it for the needs of your clients, as well. The methods you have to communicate with your customer base can make all the difference when it comes to competing in today’s market. With us on your side, you will be able to offer your customers the best experience possible all provided by Detroit Business Phone Systems skills. 

Regardless of the type of business you are operating, if you are in the Detroit, MI, area and feel like your business may be in need of a communication overhaul, we’ve got what it takes to make those dreams a reality! Contact us today to see what we can offer for your business, and get ready to start connecting with your customer base on a whole new level.


Detroit Business Phone Systems located in Detroit MI Business Telephone Systems has extensive experience dealing with physicians offices.  With a strong understanding of HIPPA Compliancy due to our years of working with many physicians offices ranging from dental to podiatrist your offices are in safe hands when partnering with Detroit Business Phone Systems. it doesnt matter if your needs are for an onsite analog system support or youd like to replace and existing system for a brand new VoIP phone system we are her eto navigate you through the process from the first step.  For questions about computer encryption, HIPPA compliant malware, firewall, email security, and different EMR options please reach out an and speak with one of our IP Solutions consultants.  


The ability for restaurants in Detrit MI, or anywhere  to service their clients and do so quickly and courteously is  the key to success. More ofthen than not the initial contact is for a clinet is by telephone and that can be calling in to scheudle a reservation, ordering take out or even directions a telephone call is how that intial contaact is made. Why leave that first experience up to chance? By prtnering with Detroit Business Phone Systems rest assured youll have the features needed and designed with your restaraunt in mind. Your patrons shouldhave a stellar customer experience even from that firs call, and we are here to assist your organizaiton and bringing that to your client. 


Call Centers are working in a fast paced and ever changing environment, at Detroit Business Telephone Systems we have the hands on experience and know how to make the transition to a new call center system in addition to maintaining your existing Business phone system, Ask an IP Solutions Consultant about our state of the are VoIP telephone sysems catered to fit the needs of call centers of all sizes. Learn more about our call center suite


Take advantage of the advances in communication that captures the attention of your guests, lowers your operating costs, and improves your customer service. Detroit MI InnKeeperPlus runs anywhere, runs anything, provides a unique browser-based front desk console, and does it all without expensive equipment upgrades. Whether you own or manage a hotel, you know that service today means ensuring fast and effective guest interactions – so how do you increase your customer satisfaction and keep your guest coming back? It is all of the additional features that InnKeeperPlus offers – we have all of the integrated features needed to deliver exceptional customer service efficiently and without the large price tag.

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